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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

I knew I would suck at keeping to a regular feature, so I made a conscious decision to not post a Wednesday Whimsy feature, unless I had something really special to share. I didn’t want to dilute the meaning, you know? So it’s not gone, just hiding in the wings being more awesome than ever. Enter stage left, Meghann Rader!

Meghann’s work popped into my Etsy circle this week and I found myself scouring every corner of her shop and blog soaking up the goodness. Living in British Columbia, it’s clear Meghann’s environment inspires her work.

I find tundra scenes of alpine skylines, wooden houses, dirt highways, mountains, rivers and bears have a really nostalgic effect on me. It’s comforting; reminds me of the years I lived in the wilderness of Canada when I was a sprog.

I just love the cool colours, natural materials, and subjects. Even her business cards and packaging are really individual. I have a big crush! So I urge you to go visit her shop, blog and website and see for yourself.

I want this little guy so bad!

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