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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer, teacher and author

These really beau­ti­ful water­colour paint­ings have caught my eye recently. My mum is an artist and water­colour is the medium she used most often while I was grow­ing up. I remem­ber play­ing with her paints, spend­ing hours mak­ing a mess. Aren’t the colours and details amaz­ing? They’re so versatile.

  1. Jes­sica Dur­rant mixes water­colours and ink to cre­ate these amaz­ing sky­line pieces. I love the flicks and splashes.
  2. Amber Alexan­der paints mostly ani­mals and wood­land crea­tures, the char­ac­ters and expres­sions are amazing.
  3. Amy Bor­rell’s shop, cake with giants, is full of really sub­tle, sweet, illus­tra­tions and prints. She also illus­trated some fan­tas­tic jour­nals for Frankie Mag­a­zine - I want!
  4. I can’t quite believe the depth of colour in Stina Pers­son’s paint­ings. They’re so vibrant; I had a hard time pick­ing just one to use here!
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