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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Upstairs at BS8

Upstairs at BS8 is a wonderfully creative, handmade boutique on Bristol’s famous Park Street and I’m so pleased to say that you can now buy my knits there. It’s an artists co-operative so you’ll find work from six amazingly talented local makers. Park Street is jam packed with bars, restaurants and independent shops. If you’re ever visiting or in the area it’s worth a while to explore; and remember to pop into BS8 and head straight up those stairs. As well as my knits, you’ll also find work from these very talented people:1. Toviecorrie – leather phone case | 2. Rebekah Leigh Marshall – singer print | 3. Pigeon Illustrations – fox greeting card | 4. Boodle Boutique – screen print sweatshirt | 5. Generated Misfits – flower print messenger bag.

I’m going to be in the shop in the coming weeks, so do come in and say hello, if you’re local. And if not, grab a cup of tea and peruse these lovely shops online. Happy Sunday, people!

  1. Faye says: 24 June 20123:22 pm

    Awesome! I had been thinking recently of looking for someone to share a stand with at BS8 and start selling purse, baby clothes and patterns. Have you got your own or did you team up with someone else?

    • Jess says: 24 June 20126:21 pm

      The space i’ve joined is a group of 6 makers, sharing a section of the top floor. There’s also a jewellery shop and dress makers up there too. You should come visit! :D

  2. faye says: 25 June 201210:53 am

    i think i will! :)

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