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How to work ‘Wrap and Turn’ short rows (w&t)

  1. fluffy says: 28 March 20168:07 pm

    hello i had found your website while looking up wrap & turn as i’m confused. i’m currently making a sweater (i put the link below) and i’m stuck on the wrap & turn section.
    on row 4 after the wrap & turn do i start with row 5 or continue as basketweave pattern says to knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts on the same row as when u wrap & turn u go back to the same row??
    link to sweater:

    • Jess says: 29 March 201610:45 am

      Hi Fluffy, have you tried contacting the designer of the pattern for some help? I’m afraid i’m not sure! Good luck, it looks really cute. :)

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