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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

DIY: Pom-pom garland

I had an urge last weekend to pretty up my office, and ended up making a cute mini pom pom garland. I remembered this tutorial from Mimi at Eskimimi makes, where she creates pom poms using a fork – ingenious and no need to buy extra tools or trinkets. Chances are all you’ll need to buy is some yarn, if you don’t knit or crochet. And even then I’m sure it would work with other materials, if you’re feeling brave.

Make the garland by threading some twine onto a needle and passing it trough each pom.

Alter the size of the poms by adjusting how many times you wrap your yarn around the fork prongs. A big squishy mass will make a fatter, denser pom.

They’re so versatile; you could make cupcake toppers by piercing them with a tooth pick, dangly pom pom earrings, keyring, hairband – you name it.

I’ve settled on hanging the garland from the bookshelf above my desk. Cute, huh?

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