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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

A Parliament of Owls

I finished my Kate Davies’ Owl jumper last weekend, and I LOVE it! It turned out to be quite the happy accident… well, that’s being too kind. I made two humungous mistakes in my sizing and gauge, but miraculously they cancelled each other out. It was more a lucky escape!
Knitters will have no sympathy for me; in my rush to start I spectacularly misread the size I needed, like four times too big (?!). I didn’t notice my mistake until 2/3rds up the first sleeve, so why did the body fit when I tried it on? I was knitting four times tighter than the gauge called for in the pattern. Oh, holy wow! Heck – it worked out ok, so I’m happy. Truthfully, as my first adult jumper, i’m just relieved I can wear it in public. The fact it’s cute is a bonus!
If I made it again I think I’d skip the side increases at the waist, to nip it in a bit.  A lot of ravelers have mentioned the pooch and tried various ways to get rid of it.  I’m quite narrow on top so probably don’t need the extra room!
The owls were so fun to knit, they’re really quick and have loads of character. I didn’t have enough buttons for them all, so I picked one lucky toot who got eyes.
Being toasty warm, I’m going to store my new knit ’til the temperature drops a little. Although on a breezy summer day, like this, it was most welcome!
 So, note to self – READ the pattern, and swatch in the round – it’s way tighter than flat knitting! Lessons learnt.

Credit to my photographer!

  1. Dit Dot says: 11 June 201210:16 am

    Jessie, it’s a masterpiece of knitting creativity! Sympathies extended to the other eyeless toots, or are they asleep with one on guard?

    • Jess says: 11 June 201210:23 am

      Thanks, DD – I like to think they’re sleeping!

  2. Jessi says: 11 June 201212:01 pm

    It is so beautiful! I want to make it too!!

  3. faye says: 12 June 20127:08 pm

    I love it! What yarn did you use? It looks so cool with just the one owl with eyes – I find that the eyes on mine catch on things sometimes (and a couple need tweaking before they come off). Mine is my favourite jumper, it’s such a fab design isn’t it! :)

    • Jess says: 12 June 20127:42 pm

      I used King Cole, value chunky – first time i’ve used acrylic but I’m a bit sensitive to wool jumpers, so thought it would be less itchy. Really love it though, I couldn’t believe how smoothly it went! I just found yours on Ravelry – love the colour. Your projects are amazing! :)

  4. Sophie says: 13 June 20129:55 pm

    Ahhhh, so CUTE! Cute, toots! ;)

    I really love the one owl with eyes, I feel like all them having eyes would have been too much. Like they were staring you down or something! Hehe.


    • Jess says: 13 June 201210:23 pm

      Cute toots, I like it!

      I agree, it would be way too intense if they all had eyes. They’d get up to no good. :)

  5. Mina says: 15 June 20122:44 pm

    I found your blog via studio meez’s, and it’s adorable. This jumper caught my eye rightaway – I purchased the pattern a long time ago and never started, cause I was too afraid of the huge project (and too impatient to knit a sample). But your outcome is a good reminder that it can turn out great anyway!

    • Jess says: 15 June 201211:29 pm

      Thanks, Mina! You should go for it – it’s really so quick, I think only a week, picking it up whenever I had free time. I’d love to see the result if you do! :)

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