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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

A Parliament of Owls

  1. Dit Dot says: 11 June 201210:16 am

    Jessie, it’s a masterpiece of knitting creativity! Sympathies extended to the other eyeless toots, or are they asleep with one on guard?

    • Jess says: 11 June 201210:23 am

      Thanks, DD – I like to think they’re sleeping!

  2. Jessi says: 11 June 201212:01 pm

    It is so beautiful! I want to make it too!!

  3. faye says: 12 June 20127:08 pm

    I love it! What yarn did you use? It looks so cool with just the one owl with eyes – I find that the eyes on mine catch on things sometimes (and a couple need tweaking before they come off). Mine is my favourite jumper, it’s such a fab design isn’t it! :)

    • Jess says: 12 June 20127:42 pm

      I used King Cole, value chunky – first time i’ve used acrylic but I’m a bit sensitive to wool jumpers, so thought it would be less itchy. Really love it though, I couldn’t believe how smoothly it went! I just found yours on Ravelry – love the colour. Your projects are amazing! :)

  4. Sophie says: 13 June 20129:55 pm

    Ahhhh, so CUTE! Cute, toots! ;)

    I really love the one owl with eyes, I feel like all them having eyes would have been too much. Like they were staring you down or something! Hehe.


    • Jess says: 13 June 201210:23 pm

      Cute toots, I like it!

      I agree, it would be way too intense if they all had eyes. They’d get up to no good. :)

  5. Mina says: 15 June 20122:44 pm

    I found your blog via studio meez’s, and it’s adorable. This jumper caught my eye rightaway – I purchased the pattern a long time ago and never started, cause I was too afraid of the huge project (and too impatient to knit a sample). But your outcome is a good reminder that it can turn out great anyway!

    • Jess says: 15 June 201211:29 pm

      Thanks, Mina! You should go for it – it’s really so quick, I think only a week, picking it up whenever I had free time. I’d love to see the result if you do! :)

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