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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

I’ve been very slow to get a post up about last weekend but I’ve been hovering between utter exhaustion and the frenzied realisation that the real Christmas is only a week away. I’m back to reality now and ready to spill about my amazing weekend at The Makery. Kate and the girls were so so lovely and welcoming; the shop is narrow and tall and a crafters paradise. It’s all kinds of charming, and lit up even more with two floors of handmade goodness and a big dollop of Michael Buble.

If nothing else the Buble put me firmly in a Christmassy mood.

Tucked away up in the rafters my fellow crafters and I huddled around heaters and crafted our wares whilst welcoming happy, smiley shoppers. My wonderful sister came to help and shared part of the stall, she embroiders pretty tote bags, napkins and tea towels! I’m hoping she’ll have an online shop at some point soon so I can show you all.

I was so blown away by all the lovely comments and purchases; so much so I had to make an emergency batch of bow necklaces that evening so I was re-stocked for Sunday. My studio partner Ben Tambling made sure I had a never ending supply of these amazing business cards, which he designed for me.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for an amazing weekend. My fellow crafters were so nice in giving me advice about fairs! I think I bought something from almost everyone there. Can’t wait to get out and do some more now.

Eek Christmas next weekend – I’m attempting 100% handmade presents this year. I’ll let you know how that goes! Wishing you all a very happy christmas; stay safe and eat lots!

  1. Rebekah 21 December 2011, 7:13 pm

    Hi Jessica! I have just come across your blog via your etsy shop, I was doing a local search as I live in bristol also. I was thinking of doing a stall at the makery this year but the prices put me off as I’m new to fairs.However next year I think I’ll go for it. I’m on the look out for other fairs in the bris/bath area, it would be great to chat to you about it as it seems we’re in a similar place… Anyway I love your stuff and Happy christmas! x

  2. Jess 22 December 2011, 6:23 pm

    Hi Rebekah! Thanks for your comment, that’s awesome. Whereabouts in Bristol are you? I see you have your stuff in Cox and Baloney – I live just a few minutes walk from there; such a great shop! Would love to have a chat about craft fairs – your stuff is really cool, you’re very talented! The next I’ve had my eye on is the Bristol Magpie Market that’s been happening in Southville this year. Lots of handmade vintage lovelies. Wishing you a very happy Christmas weekend :) x

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