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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

How to knit Loopy Stitch, the easy way!

  1. Catherine says: 5 May 20144:52 pm

    Great Tutorial very easy to follow.

  2. christine says: 7 April 20159:28 pm

    How want a video on make a loop Inserting in stitch wind yarn 3 times round needle n index finger to make a loop please help

  3. christine says: 29 April 201511:23 pm

    How to make a loop stitch wrapping wool round three times its different to your video

  4. Heather says: 21 June 201512:49 pm

    Looking for a new stitch for the cuffs on my slipper boots, this could be just the job, thanks so much.

    • Jess says: 27 June 20157:59 pm

      That sounds amazing, Heather – i’d love to see them if you go with it!

  5. Heather says: 30 June 20153:45 pm

    No probs, will send you a pic when I have finished, a few other projects on the go at the moment but will send when done. Once again thanks for the great tutorial x

  6. Pam says: 28 September 20154:48 pm

    Thank you. Very easy to follow – I can now give my Zebra a mane!!

  7. amy says: 17 October 20159:00 pm

    Your tutorial is very confusing, but you have a lovely voice. To the lady named, Christine, I don’t understand your question and what you’re talking about!

  8. Alex says: 19 October 20158:07 pm

    Thank you,
    I’ve been learning this stitch from a book, but your version seems more robust and has a nicer finish and back. You do have a lovely voice, (but your tutorial isn’t confusing!)

  9. patricia says: 24 October 20157:05 am

    Easy to follow explanation , thank you

  10. Margaret says: 19 November 20158:55 am

    Tutorial brilliant. I had totally forgotten how to do this stitch after knitting many baby bonnets years ago. Now I wanted to do a Donkey’s mane! Thank you very much for clear instructions.

  11. Karen P says: 7 February 201612:53 pm

    Fantastic have spent weeks trying to find a method of making hair for my knitted dolls this was so easy to follow and just perfect for what I needed many many thanks

  12. Frances says: 21 July 20169:14 pm

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to figure this out having done it before and couldn’t remember. Your instructions were clear.
    Now off to knit my Santa beard Christmas Jumper

  13. Mandy says: 20 October 201610:02 pm

    I didn’t find the video very easy to follow….but it IS a complicated stitch…..and one thing’s for sure – I would not have been able to sort the stitch if it wasn’t for the video. Thank you SO MUCH for posting :-)

  14. Pip says: 13 November 20165:09 am

    Brilliant! I couldn’t make any sense of the written instructions for this stitch – but your tutorial has made it all clear. Thank you.

  15. Susan says: 15 November 20161:11 pm

    Great video to watch

  16. Hazel says: 25 March 20188:30 pm

    How to make a triple loop stitch

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