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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Life Lately: Knitting in the Wild

  1. Becca says: 15 June 20157:47 am

    Wow, Switzerland looks so beautiful! I’m working on a shawl at the mo in Shilasdair. :)

    • Jess says: 16 June 20155:02 pm

      Sounds lovely, Becca! Look forward to seeing it on your blog :)

  2. Julie says: 15 June 20153:02 pm

    vacation knitting is the best! love that little bunny popping up. I was in Lausanne a very long time go, but I remember loving it. Your photos are amazing!

    • Jess says: 16 June 20155:08 pm

      You’ve been, Julie? That’s awesome, it’s such a lovely place! These pics are on the walk down to Chateau Chillon from Montreaux.

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