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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Al Fresco Knitting: Top Tips!

One of my favourite places to knit is on the train – it’s such a calm and solitary place (the quiet carriage, anyway!) This is what I like to carry with me, and a few top tips I’ve learnt from knitting out in the wild – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been stuck without a darning needle, or something equally crucial!

Al fresco knitting: top tips!

Al fresco knitting: top tips!

Al fresco knitting: top tips!

Al fresco knitting: top tips!

  1. Create a specific tool kit for travelling: A small zipped pouch or tin is perfect. I carry yarn needles, stitch holders, lots of different stitch markers, pins, scissors, and a gauge ruler. My Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles fold down into here as well, which is so handy. Try not to remove anything so it stays intact!
  2. Project bag: The small linen Bento bag from Fringe Supply Co is incredible – I swear it expands and contracts magically with each project. If I’m going to be on my feet a lot, I take the second bag – a small foldable with a handle to loop over my wrist – it keeps the yarn clean and secure while you work away.
  3. Smartphone/tablet: load your PDF pattern onto your device before leaving the house – it’s great for accessing on the move, and cuts down on clutter. If you’re used to writing on a paper pattern, see #4!
  4. Pen and paper: Is anyone else obsessed with Field Notes? The mister is a hardcore collector so I have a steady supply of these adorable pocket books. They’re super slimline and keep all your pattern notes in one place.
  5. Manageably-sized projects: Focus on simple stitch patterns and shaping if possible. Sleeves, socks and sweater panels are fab.
  6. Learn to knit without looking: if you suffer from travel sickness, this is a lifesaver for car trips! It’s best to stick to plain stitches, rather than complicated lace or cables. If you naturally guide the stitch on the left needle with your index finger, you’re most of the way there. Take a moment to recognise the feel of each stitch and you’ll soon recognise when something doesn’t quite feel right – then, just keep on watching the horizon!

Where do you take your knits when you head out and about? Do you have any top tips to add to this list?

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  1. Julie says: 15 July 20156:54 pm

    Great notes! I have a little travel kit of knitterly tools I take with me no the go as well, that is easy to throw into a project bag. I don’t do field notes but I can see the advantage!

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