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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

New hobbies and a ‘Knitty Gritty’ book review

When I received this book for my birthday last summer my slight curiosity with knitting suddenly turned into a fully fledged obsession and I’ve been a needle addict ever since.

The book is fantastic and each project aims to teach you a new skill as you work through them, from the very basic, to more advanced stitches; 1UP’s! I liked that the yarn types and size changed as well so you can get the feel of different needles and weights and begin to understand gauge.

The projects are small and quick enough to keep you motivated, I think I only gave up on one when the thumb of my mitten came out enormous; most likely my fault! It doesn’t touch on knitting in the round, which was probably a good thing for an absolute beginner. If you already know the basic techniques the book is probably going to be too easy.

There are step-by-step photos for each project to help you get the hang of pattern reading, so helpful!! They’re also very clear; a lot better than some ‘sketchy’ types i’ve seen in other books. Occasionally I resorted to googling a video of a certain stitch, out of laziness!

There’s also a good knowledge-base section at the beginning including an equipment list, common problems, and explanation of gauge and yarn weights. So, if you’re an absolute beginner, or want to give a gift to someone interested in learning to knit – this book is fab-u-lous!

*Pictured above from book are the baby mittens (hand hats) and booties!

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