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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

How to Knit an iCord Edge in Contrast Colour

Applied iCord edges are a super-cool way to finish off colour work and hide any bumpy loose tension, or to counteract that rolling stockinette stitch edge. This particular method works well when the applied iCord is in a contrasting colour to your project, and it creates a really neat, crisp edge. I love it!

How to Knit an Applied iCord Edge

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  1. Virginia says: 16 January 201510:31 pm

    instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

  2. Caro says: 9 February 201510:01 pm

    I’d lost count of the number of tutorials I’ve read/watched and not been able to get my head round this technique. Yours finally made it all click. Thank you!

  3. Name says: 14 April 201612:07 am

    You are my “go to” for this technique. Thank you for such clear instructions…no nonsense blabber before during or after…excellent

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