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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Horse-shoe Lace Gloves

Even now it still amazes me that I can make something with my own two hands that is pretty, practical and suuuuuper warm. I’ve been wearing these almost every day since I weaved in the last stray end, feeling a huge sense of handmade satisfaction. It will never get old!

Yiskah Knits Lacy Gloves

I think back to all the gloves i’ve bought in the past that fell apart and can’t imagine that ever happening to these. The one pair of proper gloves I bought on holiday in Peru, I lost within a month of coming home, sob! Since that moment I resolved to knit the perfect pair. I should probably make a chain or cord of some-sort to keep them up my sleeves, just like when I was little.

IMG_0451I drafted out the pattern as I made these, so once it’s polished up I’ll make it available for you knitters out there. Couldn’t resist a little heart shaped fun on this walk… well, it was Valentines Day!

IMG_0483Do you have a favourite handmade piece that gives you that everyday satisfaction?

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