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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer, teacher and author

A few months ago I was faced with the dilema of how to add exer­cise to my daily rou­tine. I was miss­ing my cycle to work and things were get­ting squidgy! I turned to the con­ve­nience of the Gym, my refuge for exer­cise in the past, but £42 a month just wasn’t afford­able, by a long stretch.

Spring was spring­ing and my train­ers were beam­ing shiny, white rays at me from the wardrobe. I knew I had to face my life­long fear of run­ning and hit the pave­ment. I had hor­ri­ble flash backs to sec­ondary school cross coun­try; muddy, smelly and utterly impossible.

My PE teacher’s threats to chase me with an axe were sur­pris­ingly unhelp­ful at the time. So I turned to my trusty iPhone and came across a couch to 5K coach­ing plan called Get Run­ning.

A nine week sched­ule of runs is laid out before you, com­bin­ing walk­ing and run­ning to grad­u­ally build up your endurance to a full 30 minute run in week 9. Dur­ing the early weeks a 1 minute run felt tough and I ner­vously looked ahead to a non-stop 8 minute run in week 5. Of course, by the time it came around I was mar­gin­ally fit­ter, and it was no trouble.

The app reas­sur­ingly tells you when to walk and run, how long you have left, when to turn around and head home and when to cool down. I found myself not want­ing to let my new app friend down and stuck to her sched­ule rig­or­ously. The one thing the app doesn’t do is track stats, like dis­tance or pace, so I used Nike+ Run­ning in the back­ground to record those.

Hav­ing now com­pleted the full course, I can’t tell you the dif­fer­ence it’s made. I’ve trimmed down a few (7!) pounds and feel a lot stronger in my core, which has been good for bal­ance and pos­ture. Exer­cis­ing my lungs has also helped the mild bouts of asthma I was sus­cep­ti­ble to.

Obvi­ously I highly, highly rec­om­mend this app, espe­cially for peo­ple who haven’t done reg­u­lar exer­cise for a while, want to feel more ener­getic, and do it on a bud­get. Did I men­tion it’s only £1.99?

Mr Moyse, and his axe, would be so proud!

  1. Ooh, that sounds like what I need..
    Stum­bled upon your lovely blog via Folksy, you have some beau­ti­ful things for sale on there, I do love a good beret..
    My brother lives in Bris­tol, what a lovely city :) I am just over the river from you in sunny Cardiff.
    I shall come and have a good nosey at your recipe and diy sec­tions in my next lunch­break! Hx

    • Jess 5 July 2012, 7:14 pm

      Hey Helen, thanks for stop­ping by — that’s awe­some. Love the name of your blog!

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