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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

FO: Lila, Finished!

  1. Julie says: 3 August 201512:51 pm

    Your Lila sweater is stunning! I love the colour, and it looks so comfy. A great FO!

  2. Foodpanda says: 29 September 20155:06 am

    I love this jumper!! It has inspired me to do Lila as my next project. Do you do the full short shaping rows? Yours looks a little slouchier thank some I have seen (and I think yours looks perfect!)

  3. Jess says: 30 September 20154:57 pm

    I think I did just one repeat of the short rows, FoodPanda, so it’s not as long in the back as others – is really comfy! Good luck with yours :)

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