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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

FO: Cotton and Cloud Teardrop Lace Shawl

This shawl and I have been on an epic journey together. I decided to knit something lacey about this time last year, and it took me until February to pick out a pattern and order the yarn. In the depths of winter I cast on dreaming of long sunny days when I could use it as a cover up. Now, here we are heading into Winter, and I’ve only just finished. Ho hum, life happens!

Teardrop Shawl

I travelled to London quite a bit over the summer, so this became my ‘train knit’. It lived in my travel knitting bag so I could just grab it and go (I’ll show you that set up one day, if you’re interested). I made big dents in the charts, plus, it really helped to pass the time crammed onto the 7am train with lots of suits – ouf!

Teardrop Shawl

The pattern is Cotton and Cloud’s Teardrop Shawl and it was a dream to knit. I just love Kyoko’s patterns! The yarn is Debbie Bliss’ Rialto Lace in Citrus, of which I used about 1.5 balls. This is the first big laceweight project I’ve made and I really enjoyed working at a looser tension. The pace slowed when the stitch count reached the 300 mark, but the repeats are easy to memorise, so I just made sure I had at least half an hour of quiet time to plough across each one.

Teardrop Shawl

Blocking is such a magical process, don’t you think? Seeing the stitches smooth out into a lovely soft, supple fabric is one of my favourite things about knitting. There isn’t a more dramatic transformation than blocking lace and, I won’t lie, I squealed a little bit when pinning this out! Ditching my usual method of laying a towel on the floor, I decided to make my own blocking board for this. I’ll post a DIY of what I did, and how it went next week, so pop back if you’re curious.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out – it was definitely worth the wait! Tell me, what have you got on your needles at the moment?

  1. Alisa says: 17 October 20148:04 pm

    Love the fine needlework! Delicate! I just started today (rainy weather) with a new knitted monkey :)

  2. Kate says: 18 October 201410:06 am

    It’s beautiful! It was lovely to watch your shawl grow, what a labour of love
    It looks like angels wings xx

  3. Julie says: 18 October 20142:26 pm

    your shawl turned out beautifully! great job.

  4. Winifred Waite says: 22 October 20154:22 pm

    I have just made this in the Jamieson’s Ultra wool which is gorgeous. Bought it up in Shetland last month. I had about 2 yards left!
    I used a written copy of the pattern I bought at Jamieson’s shop in Lerwick but I found a problem with the border chart pattern 4. Had to use the written instructions to get the border correct. Was your pattern OK?

  5. Jess says: 23 October 20155:36 pm

    Hi Winifred – amazing, that was lucky! It was a while ago but I do remember something being amiss with one of the charts – it could well be the border. We should probably let Kyoko know! It’s such a great shawl, though – hope you enjoy it :)

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