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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Willard Cardigan; Finished!

First off I want to say a really big thank you for the well wishes about my book announcement last week. I really truly appreciate the support you guys send my way! I was nervous writing and publishing the post. It’s quite an unusual feeling exposing all that work for the world to see, but it’s a million times more exciting to have it out there. April 24th peeps!

Last week I moved back up to Bristol, from Somerset, where I’ve been staying for the last few months, and I must say I’m relieved to be back. After a week of unpacking, sorting out bills and broadband, I’m just about settled in the new flat and can finally show you my finished Willard cardigan. Ta-daa!

Willard Cardigan

Willard Cardigan

Colourwork Willard CardiganContrast Buttonband

I just love the contrast band and candy coloured buttons. I plucked those at random from my button collection in my impatience to finish up but they look surprisingly cute, don’t you think? It took days to dry fully after blocking but it’s so soft and luxurious as a result.

What projects are you working on at the moment? I’d love to see!

Pattern: Knitbot Yoked, Willard Pullover.
Mods: Adapted into cardigan.
Yarn: Artesano Aran in Pine and Sunrise.

  1. Sally says: 3 April 201411:18 pm

    Its so pretty! Well done :)

    • Jess says: 4 April 201412:48 pm

      Thanks, Sally!

  2. Alice says: 28 May 20147:36 pm

    That’s beautiful, where’s the pattern from? I want to master jumpers and cardigans with sleeves this years and this one I’d wear all the time :)

    • Jess says: 29 May 20149:50 am

      Hi Alice! It’s Knitbot’s Willard jumper pattern (which I adapted into a cardigan) and is available in her e-book Yoked. It’s a good’un!

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