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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Easy Ice Cream Recipe, Only Three Ingredients!

Every now and then creamy, rich, vanilla ice cream is all you need, right? This came up at the dinner table recently and I realised I had these three ingredients sitting in the fridge. I love trying something new so I just had to have a go.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Makes: 1 Litre
Time: 10 mins and overnight freezing

– 300 ml double cream
– 175g condensed milk
– 2 caps of vanilla extract

Flavourings (optional)
– chocolate chunks
– 50 ml cooled instant coffee
– Peppermint essence and chocolate chips

It’s so easy, it feels like cheating. You just pour these gloopy ingredients into a big bowl (soo glossy and satisfying) and mix with an electric whisk until you get stiff peaks, or until you can hold it over your head without making a mess! Then you can personalise your ice cream, if you like, by add any additional flavourings; I’ve suggested a few above but I guess you can be as creative as you like – maybe rosemary, lavender, ginger? Then spoon it out into an air-tight container (I used a loaf tin covered with cling film). Leave your ice cream to set overnight in the freezer and it’ll be ready for eatin’.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

It’s such a dense, bright white mixture – it looks so luxurious. I was told it tastes like ‘proper’ ice cream, which is a win in my book!

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Have you ever made ice cream before? Did you use a more traditional method, or an ice cream machine?

  1. Fred says: 29 January 20138:57 am

    Looks good, will try next time I´ve got an ice cream craving (so probably tonight)

    • Jess says: 29 January 201311:02 am

      Thanks, Fred – hope you enjoy it! I need to make another batch already. :)

  2. I have an ice cream maker, but I’m pretty convinced that this ice cream would turn out gorgeous without one! I’ve got to remember to try this out sometime soon, especially with the warmer weather around now! 5-Minute Ice Cream is a total win in my book. :)

    • Jess says: 30 May 201312:32 pm

      Thanks, Alexandra – it sure is! It’s good to indulge every once in a while. Hope you enjoy it!

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