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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer, teacher and author

I was research­ing a few options for knit­ted pock­ets recently (as you do) and have become more than a lit­tle obsessed. I had a sud­den urge to add pock­ets to every­thing. My favourite old jumper, which has been worn to death, was the first will­ing sub­ject and I thought i’d share how I did it:
Jessica Joy | Add-on Pockets You’ll need: a knit­ted jumper, yarn weight to suit your jumper (I used Sir­dar Flirt DK. The jumper is a finer weight but it’s pretty close), darn­ing nee­dle, nee­dles appro­pri­ate for your yarn (I used 2.5mm and 3.75mm), a small scrap of yarn and scis­sors. Pretty lib­erty fab­ric, just for show.Jessica Joy | Jumper Makeover Knitted PocketsStart by pick­ing up and knit­ting 26 stitches (or as many as you need) where the base of your pocket will sit. My jumper is back­wards (lit­er­ally) and has the wrong side stock­inette stitch fac­ing out, so I picked up the bot­tom loops as you would with garter stitch. You might want to use a smaller or sharper nee­dle for this if your jumper is a fine knit. This is where I used the 2.5mm.
Jessica Joy | Picking up garter stitches for pocketsIf your jumper is stock­inette stitch you will need to pick up the lit­tle hor­i­zon­tal bar between each V stitch. Pull the V stitch apart gen­tly to see it. If you pick up either leg of the V itself your pocket will appear twisted.
Jessica Joy | Picking up stockinette stitches for pocketsOnce you’re all picked up knit alter­nat­ing knit and purl rows (stock­inette stitch) until the pocket flap is a long as you want it.
Jessica Joy | Knitted PocketsAnd fin­ish with a few rows of 1x1 rib­bing, *K1, P1* to the end of each row and cast-off when you’re happy with the length. Cut the work­ing yarn leav­ing a long enough tail to stitch each side. Jessica Joy | Knitted PocketsBefore you begin stitch­ing, par­tic­u­larly if your jumper is a fine knit, you will need to mark out a guide so that you’re sewing the side flap to the same ver­ti­cal col­umn of stitches. Thread the scrap yarn onto the darn­ing nee­dle and pass it up and under the col­umn next to where you will be stitch­ing.Jessica Joy | Sewing knitted pockets guideNow thread the tail yarn onto your nee­dle and begin sewing down the side as fol­lows. You prob­a­bly won’t be able to sew together like-for-like stitches, so try to sew two stitches for every three ver­ti­cal stitches. If your jumper is stock­inette stitch, like your pocket, you can use mat­tress stitch to sew the sides invis­i­bly.Jessica Joy | Sewing knitted pocketsRepeat the same on the other side and weave in your ends to fin­ish. Et voila! How cool is that?Jessica Joy | Add-on Knitted Pockets

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