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DIY: Craft fair and jewellery display ideas

  1. Gabi says: 4 April 201212:42 am

    I really like the book display, I’ll have to try it out for my hair clips.

    • Jess says: 4 April 201211:38 am

      Thank, Gabi. That’s a great idea!

  2. MegansBeadedDesigns says: 5 April 201210:27 pm

    I’ve made the frames with heavy tulle for earring displays. It works great. Plus I got some very large wooden frames, so I was able; to fit a lot of earrings on a small craft table, which is also very awesome.

    I’ve never thought to use books as part of a craft fair display, though I have used them for photographs. A very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jess says: 6 April 20129:44 am

      Thanks, Megan. So glad you found it useful. I’ve used books just as props in the past but i’m pleased they now have a functional use!

  3. Sophie says: 10 April 201211:10 pm

    This looks so fantastic! So do you glue the pages down or anything?

    I’m so psyched that you featured my earrings in this, thank you :) I love the display items you’ve chosen, they all compliment each other so well.

    I’ve been meaning to try the photo frame idea, but using lace instead of linen. My ‘studio’ looks a little uninspiring so I might try making a huge one for the wall to store all my stock :)

    And you’re wearing my creations in your ‘about me’ photo :D so touched! I love the look of your blog right now, super sweet.


    • Jess says: 11 April 201210:32 am

      No glue, just physics – lol. If you get the folds in just the right place the weight of the book holds them down and the folds stop the book shutting. For the fair I did prop it up behind just in case it got knocked.

      Oo I’ve seen the lace idea too, it looks amazing. That’s a great idea for stock! You’ll have to do a ‘studio tour’ when it’s up.

      I looove my earrings, like I said I had to feature my MOST prettiest jewellery. That photo is also on my facebook profile – maximum exposure! :)

  4. Ros says: 6 April 20137:49 pm

    Hi ive been looking for inspiration to improve my jewellery stall for this years craft fairs and your ideas have wowed me! I totally love your whole image/brand ideas! I’m just in the early days of creating a web site. Yoe have given me a real lift- thank you!
    Happy days……..ros

    • Jess says: 10 April 20133:26 pm

      Hi Ros, that is so sweet of you to say – i’m really pleased you’ve got some new ideas from this. Good luck with your fairs!!

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