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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

DIY: Polymer Clay Logo Tags / Business Cards

Today I’m sharing a little trick I conjured up to add a handmade touch to my product packaging. After playing around with stamps and stickers, which work really well, I was in the mood for a little colour, perhaps in the form of a charm or swing tag.

IMG_0396This was the result and I’m so pleased with them. To make these cuties you need a small amount of polymer clay, a rubber stamp of your logo and a sharp blade or circular cutter.

  • Roll your clay out to 2-3mm thick on a clean surface. Use corn flour to dust the surface if it’s sticking.
  • Press the stamp firmly into the clay to get a deep impression.
  • Use a blade to cut around the design however you like. A circular cookie cutter, or scalpel will work ok.
  • Use something sharp to create a hole at the top, a pin or knitting needle perhaps. It doesn’t matter if it looks a bit rough at this stage.
  • Place onto grease proof paper and bake according to the packet instructions, normally about 30mins at 110’C.
  • Once they’re cool, use a metal nail file to tidy up and even out the edges.


If you’re packaging up presents, rather than products, any sort of picture stamp would make a cute handmade gift tag. You could use an alphabet set to write a message, or go freehand if you dare! :)

  1. Sophie (onetenzeroseven) says: 12 February 20131:21 pm

    Holy crap, these look sooooooo gorgeous!!!

    Sophie x xx

  2. Anya @ SAS-does says: 12 February 201310:04 pm

    Absolutely love your idea! Your tags are SO beautiful!

  3. lian says: 13 February 20138:50 pm

    these are adorable! but wait, wouldn’t a stamp make the logo debossed instead of embossed? how do you do that?

    • Jess says: 13 February 20139:18 pm

      Hey Lian, on my stamp the text is what’s cut out so it creates a black circle with white text when it’s stamped.

      If your stamp is the other way around, you could try to make a mould with some scrap clay first, so it leaves an indented impression, bake it and then press fresh cray into that to make it embossed. I’ve not tried it, but might be an idea if you want the same effect! :)

      • lian says: 13 February 20139:32 pm

        ahhh okay that makes perfect sense! thanks a lot for the explanation :)

  4. Sarah says: 17 February 20138:09 am

    What a great idea! I’m wondering whether I could make a stamp out of a rubber eraser to do this…

    • Jess says: 17 February 20139:07 am

      Oo good idea Sarah – I’m sure you could! :)

  5. Dee says: 6 March 20131:03 am

    I love this idea and i wanted to share a trick i was shown. Before cutting with your shape/cookie cutter lay a piece of plastic over the clay then press cutter into both clay and plastic – this softens the edges and lessens messy edge clean up.

  6. pouch says: 24 March 20131:31 pm

    Great idea & lots of great tips in the comments too!

  7. Christie Jones says: 17 April 20132:04 am

    Oh I love these! What a unique idea. :)

    • Jess says: 17 April 20132:57 pm

      Thanks, Christie! :)

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