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DIY: How to Make a Blocking Board

  1. Nova55 says: 23 October 20147:18 pm

    What a wonderful idea! I use bulletin boards left over from my childhood. I draw the layout on paper and cover it with plastic wrap, then pin the item with rustproof ball pins. If I have something large or long I have to do it one segment at a time, though.I guess we just can’t get away from the “fiddling”!

  2. BGVT says: 24 October 20142:54 am

    For something this big? (It’s a glorious shawl, by the way!) I use safety pins to stretch out a wool blanket over the bed, then pin out the shawl. Helps if there’s an unused bed! I generally measure out the finished size, using straight pins to mark where the edges will be, and eyeball the rest.

  3. Hobbiknits says: 27 October 201410:25 am

    I use insulating board. Then the gingham or sometimes a striped sheet.

  4. Heather says: 28 October 20149:06 am

    I use the foam play mats that are sold for children. They interlock like puzzle pieces so I can put together just the size I need. There are no markings or grid lines on them though so I like the idea of the gingham fabric for that.

  5. Katy says: 23 July 201511:27 am

    For blocking I usually just place a large towel over polystyrene board,but I love your idea of using gingham! At Ruddington Framework Knitters’ Museum we used to block shawls on sheets over grass in the yard!

  6. Maria says: 14 March 20166:09 am

    I’d love to knit thus shawl. Can you eml me the charts,please.
    Thank you

  7. Rose Helm says: 5 September 20169:15 am

    In a hurry for a last minute solution, I grabbed the foam seat which we place on our garden bench as my work was a long short piece this was ideal! Beware if using lift colours though as my garden seat foam has a dark green cover on it.

  8. Angel says: 3 October 20174:47 pm

    Me too interested in your shawl pattern – thanks for the free mug cosy! Splendid idea that. Your instructions are the clearest and most accessible for blocking board apprentices – my A1 foam is winging its way and “Geoff’s Remnant Store” turned up a groovy piece of gingham – I am all set – will let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing. ps you can also staple the gingham home using any old stapler that is opened out.

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