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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer, teacher and author

I thought my lovely climb­ing plants had died in the snow last win­ter, but look at them! They sprung to life about a month ago and are now full of buds burst­ing to open in the sun. After spend­ing an hour or so re-staking and tidy­ing the meadow of weeds around them, they’re look­ing gor­geous — and huge! One is already taller than my 5’2″ self.

I am by no means green fin­gered, my life expe­ri­ence of plants has been impulse buy­ing some­thing pretty at Ikea, which instantly died. I am not a friend to foliage, but this recent rein­car­na­tion has inspired me to think about plant­ing a lit­tle boxed herb gar­den on my bal­cony. Elsie fea­tured a nice round up of small gar­den solu­tions, which I might try out. I don’t even know what these plants are called, any­one? I’m mak­ing good progress on my Owls jumper; a cou­ple of hours each evening and it’s tak­ing shape. I see now why some peo­ple give up knit­ting in the sum­mer. It’s pretty tricky to keep cool with a blan­ket of wool on your lap. But I’m excited for the fin­ished result, hope­fully I can share some pics in the next week, or so. Which means more awk­ward poses! :)

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