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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

Baked goodness | The Great British Bake-Off, Series 1

Having been completely obsessed with the TV series, I squealed a LOT when my sister got me the Great British Book of Baking for Christmas this year. I’m one of those people who will watch every cooking programme going, even junior masterchef in times of need, but this was my first attempt at traditional baking. You can probably tell from the spread that I loved it! So much so, I haven’t bought breaded goods from the Supermarket since and shaved £’s off our monthly bill. I’ll try and post pictures as I work my way through the hundreds of pages i’ve tabbed.

The recipes cover lots and LOTS of traditional baking techniques, from pies, loafs, cakes, buns, biscuits and more. Chances are you’re going to have ingredients for everything lurking somewhere in your cupboards. There are super clear instructions and technical explanations to get behind the science of baking. It sounds pretty dramatic, but I think this book opened my eyes up to the simplicity of baking. It’s awesome! Pastry next…

Pictured: plain white loaf, yorkshire tea cakes, bagels and sunflower seed loaf

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