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Jessica Joy

Knitwear designer and writer

I was researching a few options for knitted pockets recently (as you do) and have become more than a little obsessed. I had a sudden urge to add pockets to everything. My favourite old jumper, which has been worn to death, was the first willing subject and I thought i’d share how I did it:

Jessica Joy | Add-on Pockets

You’ll need: a knitted jumper, yarn weight to suit your jumper (I used Sirdar Flirt DK. The jumper is a finer weight but it’s pretty close), darning needle, needles appropriate for your yarn (I used 2.5mm and 3.75mm), a small scrap of yarn and scissors. Pretty liberty fabric, just for show.

Jessica Joy | Jumper Makeover Knitted PocketsStart by picking up and knitting 26 stitches (or as many as you need) where the base of your pocket will sit. My jumper is backwards (literally) and has the wrong side stockinette stitch facing out, so I picked up the bottom loops as you would with garter stitch. You might want to use a smaller or sharper needle for this if your jumper is a fine knit. This is where I used the 2.5mm.

Jessica Joy | Picking up garter stitches for pockets

If your jumper is stockinette stitch you will need to pick up the little horizontal bar between each V stitch. Pull the V stitch apart gently to see it. If you pick up either leg of the V itself your pocket will appear twisted.

Jessica Joy | Picking up stockinette stitches for pockets

Once you’re all picked up knit alternating knit and purl rows (stockinette stitch) until the pocket flap is a long as you want it.

Jessica Joy | Knitted Pockets

And finish with a few rows of 1×1 ribbing, *K1, P1* to the end of each row and cast-off when you’re happy with the length. Cut the working yarn leaving a long enough tail to stitch each side.

Jessica Joy | Knitted Pockets

Before you begin stitching, particularly if your jumper is a fine knit, you will need to mark out a guide so that you’re sewing the side flap to the same vertical column of stitches. Thread the scrap yarn onto the darning needle and pass it up and under the column next to where you will be stitching.

Jessica Joy | Sewing knitted pockets guide

Now thread the tail yarn onto your needle and begin sewing down the side as follows. You probably won’t be able to sew together like-for-like stitches, so try to sew two stitches for every three vertical stitches. If your jumper is stockinette stitch, like your pocket, you can use mattress stitch to sew the sides invisibly.

Jessica Joy | Sewing knitted pockets

Repeat the same on the other side and weave in your ends to finish. Et voila! How cool is that?

Jessica Joy | Add-on Knitted Pockets

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